High-Frequency/High-Current Meter

High-Frequency/High-Current Meter

The high-frequency/high-current meter LCA-101 does not use a metal core but a clamp, eliminating the problem of iron loss and saturation distorting linearity affecting results. There are two sensors, clamp and flexible, enabling measurement of an object of any shape.

  • Induction heater current measurement and control

  • High-frequency CT

  • Measurement of current circulation around structures

  • Measurement of earth current

  • Measurement of lightning surges
  • Measurement of rectifier current share

  • Measurement of glass conductivity

  • Measurement of high-frequency welding current

  • Measurement of plasma current

  • Measurement and control of all types of high-frequency current
Measurement range 0A~6000A
Accuracy maximum±2% ±10.0A
Output±2% ±10.0mV
Outer dimensions W290mm×D365mm×H115mm Option 4~20mA BCD Output
Sensor Clamp
Power AC100V~AC220V(Please specify)50W
Weight Approx 5kg Display maximum 1999 หรือ 19999(option)