MOSTAB(Monochromator Stabilization)is the is the system that control feedback by measures the postion and light sprectrum. Feedback controls the angle of the first crystal of the dual crystal spectrometer so that they are constant.
Flex MOSTAB is developed the conventional DSP type MOSTAB with NI Single-Board RIO (NI sbRIO-9636), which is an NI general-purpose board equipped with CPU and FPGA that can be controlled by NI LabVIEW, and peripheral circuits 19 inch rack mount system inside the chassis. By developing DSP to FPGA, we have new functions that have never been available.


  1. StandAlone Control
    Feedback controller of Flex MOSTAB consisted of FPGA and Real-Time OS, even computer has been stopped working, system is still able to work

  2. Able to support more object type
    The feedback controller has long life span and able to do parts replacement by employing NI RIO.

  3. Coding reuse and expansion
    Control part use NI LabVIEW which is able to run regardless hardware, and also able to freely adjust coding logic.

  4. Parameter Feedback adjustable
    Feedback parameter is adjustable and easy to learning.

DCM: Monochromator
PSIC: Ionization Chamber​ Locater
IC: Ionization Chamber​
Current Amp: Volt adjust circuit
PZ Controller

SYstem consists of Monochromator assemble with feedback controller and PZ controller, system mode will be change according to parts equipment

①Beam light stability

②Beam light density

Feedback Controller(NI sbRIO-9636)
Processor 400 MHz
Memory 256 MB
Harddisk 512 MB
FPGA Xilinx Spartan-6 LX25
Network Interface 10BaseT หรือ 100BaseTX Ethernet
Analog Input
Channel Number 3
Resolution 16 bit
Maximum Sampling Rate 200 kS/s
Input Range ±10 V、±5 V、±2 V、±1 V
Analog Output
Channal Number 3
Resolution 12 bit
Maximum Sampling Rate 336 kS/s
Input Range 0 ~ 5 V
Size 482.4mm × 330mm × 88mm
Price Negotiable

* Computer is excluded from quotation, please provide computer that is able to install LabVIEW.