Auto Dimension Measuring Equipment High Speed

High Speed Auto Dimension Measuring Equipment


With revolutional Speed and Precision! Will change your experiences toward 2D measuring equipment!


  • 1)High Speed movement
  • ・Employ Linear Motor which is able to move up to 1m/s velocity
  • 2)Teaching Function Improvement
  • ・Icon based UI, easy to understand
  • ・Show the current postion accurately by uploading the work blueprint
  • 3)High Precision
  • ・Use CCD 1/1.8 inch (2million pixels) and powerful telecentric lens
Item GS2-HLS6560
Outer dimensions(W×D×H) 1050×1280×1260mm ※1
Weight 400kg ※1
Measurement range 650×600mm
Driven source(X×Y) Linear Motor
Encoder(X×Y) Linear Encoder
Max Height 30mm
Control Resolution(X×Y) 0.5µ
Control Resolution(Z) 0.04µ
Repeated positioning accuracy ±1µm
Maximum Velocity 1000mm/sec
Resolution 2.2um/pix ※2
View of Sight 3.52 x 2.64mm ※2
Camera CCD Monochrome 1/1.8 inch 2milion pixels
Lens Telecentric Lens(2 times) ※3
Lighting ①Ring Lighting ※3
②Coaxial Lighting ※3
Seperately Adjustable
4 ways lighting as option
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Environment 22℃±1℃
Control Stick Option
Auto Focus Option

  • ※1 Excluding safty box
  • ※2 at 2 times magnification
  • ※3 Replacable

Comment from Customers
Japanese Company A Inexperience are able to master within half day!
Japanese Company B Both software and hardware were developed by the same maker, after-sales service is perfect
Japanese Company C By cumtomizable equipment, we are able to do measurement on the large size object.
Foreign Company A We suffered from inaccuracy measuring from human error but the problem solved!
Foreign Company B After we employ the equipment, our production line efficiency up, and we plan to purchase more.
Liquid Crystal Company A Able to measure our polarizer with custom software perfectly!
Printing Media Company A Image processing software is able to do measuring well with printing media.
Opinion from old day equipment users
As the time passes, product get more complexity so the old measuring equipment could not handle.
It is the equipment that is able to measure circle shape, find the radiant, and so on.
Old day equipment could not handel the large size product.
Got the suitable size for our equipment
Got the same result regardless to the experiences
With image processing measurement, object condition will be stable and accuracy will be higher when compare to the traditional measuring method.
Doing the report take time and causes mistakes a lot.
Equipment will record the result automatically in CSV format which is readable by Microsoft Excel.
Opinion from 2D and 3D measuring equipment
Measuring equipment with too many features required experiences.
This equipment is designed for the inexperience user, easy to understand and use.
The equipment size is bigger than necessary and waste of space.
We have many line-up size suitable for any type of product.
Rely on machine causes responsibility of the workers to be lower.
We designed the software part which is able to be done by manually and automatically.