Soft Skin Sensor

Soft Skin Sensor

CEW has been involved in a consortium developing Extremely Flexible Touch Sensors (or soft skin sensors) for use as skin in robots interacting with people. CEW made a system for evaluating the function and properties of a prototype sensor by measuring and preserving signal output data (pressure) waveforms for analysis.

No. Name Quantity Notes
1 PXI Controller 1 OS:WindowsXP Pro
2 Multu-function
3 Shielded cable 1 1m
3 PXI chassis 1  
4 I/O terminal block 1  
5 PXI TFT LCD monitor 1 17inch
6 PXI mouse 1  
7 PXI keyboard 1  

Use:Confirmation and evaluation of sensor function by measurement and preservation of signal output (pressure waveform) from the prototype sensor.

Programming language: LabVIEW 8.0

Use of a PC based measurement system and converting results to electronic data means it is easy to share the results with other members of the consortium. Use of LabVIEW gives access to a wide variety of analytical correlations as standard providing a wide-ranging evaluation of the sensor. As the system conforms to PXI regulations, the method of sensor evaluation is easily adjusted.

Use of a high-function AD board enables reliable measurement of output even from a sensor in the developing stages. It is also possible to check the preserved waveform immediately after measurement.
In the upgraded system, adding a digital force gauge (load converter) to the system enabled the simultaneous measurement and preservation of the sensor input (load) and output (pressure).