Landing Measuring and Testing System

Landing Measuring and Testing System

Data collecting system for testing of landing leg stresses when aircraft landing

 ● Setting for each condition
 ● Data Acquisition
 ● Displaying Acquisition Data
 ● Graph display

PXI 〈Real-Time Target〉
 ● Voltage measurement module (Speed, Rotation Speed etc.)
 ● Distortion measurement module (Distortion gauge: 56 ch)


  • Multi-channel (voltage and distortion) Synchronous acquisition
  • Instant display of test results by computing function after measurement
  • Various graph display by spontaneous acquisition data selection



  • LabVIEW 7.1
  • Signal conditioning(SCXI-1140、SCXI-1520)
  • Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Programing Language: LabVIEW

Software Screen