Surge Analyzer

Surge Analyzer

  • Conduct electric surge test on usage of many kinds of recently high voltage consumtion devices and cables.
  • Electric shock application test and wire entangle test.
  • Able to conducts test on high capacity loads environment.
  • Able to do configuration for testing on over 30 years ago of measurement devices.



  • Able to make output of maximum pulse range of 100Vpp, 5us~400us of surge waveform
  • New features "Time constant management and adjustment software", "Touch panel application", and "Time constant save and setting"

System configuration

  • Touch Panel PC ※
  • Relay Controlling DIO module ※
  • Multifunction DAQ ※
  • High voltage power supply
  • Voltage amplification circuit
  • ※By NI

Name Usage
Touch Panel PC Surge waveform genration and adjustment.
Relay Controlling DIO module DIO Control C/Rs/R0/C0 switching relay.
Multifunction DAQ Controls the other subjects from above 、and charging inspection.
High Voltage Power Supply Charging controlling power supply.
Electric Power Amplification Circuit Power Supply Power supply for electric power amplifier circuit board.
DC5V Power Supply Power supply for circuit
DC24V Power Supply Power supply for touch panel
Timing control circuit Surge waveform and timing slot control circuit.
Relay circuit1 C/C/Rs parts and switching relay circuit. C/Rs
Relay circuit2 R0/C0 parts and switching relay circuit.
Voltage amplifier Circuit High capacity loads driving circuit
  • ➣NATURAL mode (Surge waveform with Normal loads)
    •    ・Maximum voltage output: -30V~-100V
    •    ・Repeated frequency: 25Hz/30Hz  ※Half of power supply frequecy
    •    ・Waveform adjustment medthod:  RC time constant adjustment
  • ➣Low Impedance mode(Surge waveform with High capacity)
    •    ・Maximum voltage output: -15V~-50V
    •    ・Maximun output current:  10A
  • ➣Chop features(available on NATURAL)
    •    ・Chop position width adjustment: 5us~200us
    •    ・Maximum Chop voltage: 200Vp-0