ECU Load Inspection System

ECU Load Inspection System

A system that automatically checks the load of an ECU (electronic cotrol unit) for heavy machineries.


Developed Product and Feature

Developed by CEW

  • ECU Load Inspection Tool
  • Complete ECU Load Inspection Program


  • Multiple ECUs can be inspected and recorded in a batch.
  • Automatic inspections of more than 50 items available.
  • The inspector is only reuiqred to changed the cables.
  • Inspection results are automatically output as an Excel compatible certificate.

Reason for developing the system

  • Inspections costed a lot of time.
  • Possibilities of human errors during inspections.
  • Creation of inspection certificate took time.

Development Results

  • Inspection time shortened from 1 hour to 5 minutes.
  • Human error is eliminated with automatic inspection.
  • Certificates are now created immediately.
  • By developing the system using the LabVIEW and Test Stand (which can interactively construct test sequences), maintenance and customization can be improved.