Tsukuba Robot Challenge

Tsukuba Robot Challenge

In 2008 and 2009, CEW participated in Tsukuba Robot Challenge which is the automatic robot competition and we used LabVIEW for control part and we cooperated with students for the development.


  • 1.Use map data to figure out the route.
  • Use GPS, compass, gyro sensor to calculate distance, direction to the destination.

  • 2.Avoid the obstacles!
  • Use sensor the compute distance and direction that suitable to avoid the obstacles.

  • 3.Route correction
  • Read date from gyro sensor to do feedback control.

Collaboration with students · Education of automation system production

  • Cooperation with students to product control system.
  • Educate student about production of control system by LabVIEW.

Students' opinion

It is the first time that I was participated in the programming of "LabVIEW" program, and I learned the profoundness and pleasure of programming from employees of CEW. I decided to join the CEW for the purpose of producing a program by "LabVIEW".