Gyro Evaluation System

Gyro Evaluation System

A system that tests the properties of a gyroscope. Automatic testing of 150 gyroscopes attached to a device can be carried out by controlling and switching with a PC connected to a measuring device and the gyroscopes. The test is carried out by rotating a turntable and evaluating the output of the gyroscope sensors measured on the turntable. Measurement data is transferred from the measurement PC to a data server PC to managed the data.

System configuration

Measurement PC, server PC, measuring instrument (DMM, counter, power source etc.), thermostat, rate table, signal switching board

Programming language

  • Micro computer software on switching board - C
  • CPLD on the switching board- AHDL

System benefits and sales points

It is possible to fully automize the product (gyroscope) testing.

Technical features

The switching board is able to withstand temperatures from -40 to 125℃.