Company Profile

Company profile

Company Name Chuo Electric Works
CEO Junichi Hatano, Executive Committee Representative
Location 〒534-0013 2-7-12 Uchindai Miyakojima ward Osaka
TEL +816-6953-2366 FAX +816-6953-2414
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Employee 54 People
Business contents Auto Dimension Measuring Equipment
Software Design ⁄ Development(LabVIEW, VB, VC)(an alliance member of Japan National Instruments)
Design ⁄ Development of Systems applying one chip micro computer
Image processing and analyzing
Measurement control system development
FA/system design and production
Design and production of interface circuit
Calibration of electric measurement
Processing of various date
Engineering department (dispatch of designing staff)
Main Clients Mitsubishi Eletric Co.,Ltd. ⁄ Sumitomo Precision Products Co.,Ltd. ⁄ Sharp Corporation. ⁄ Panasonic Corporation. ⁄ Kyocera Corporation. ⁄ Daikin Industries,Ltd. ⁄ Yanmar Co.,Ltd. ⁄ Daihatsu Motor Co.,Ltd. ⁄ Omron Corporation. ⁄ Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. ⁄ Nabtesco Corporation. ⁄ ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. ⁄ The University of Tokyo ⁄ The University of Osaka

1930 Establishment
1960 Established Chuo Electric Works Co., Ltd. Saburo Hatano is appointed as Representative Director
1990 Yoshio Hatano is appointed as Representative Director
1999 Being recognized as creative activity SME
2000 Registered own products to ISO9001(JSAQ775)
2005 Certified as new coorperative SME
2005 Acheived ECO ACTION21
2012 Yoshio Hatano is appointed as Chairman and Junichi Hatano is appointed as Representative Director
2012 Received the Osaka Kirameki Corporate Award
2014 Certified as man and woman vigor and spirit declaration business
2015 Certifiedas the women's success leading company of Osaka
2015 Eco Action 21 Certification for 10 years Continuation Commemorative Award
2016 Certified as 100 New Diversity Management Company (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Awards)ไ
2017 Global SME Businesses and 300 Small Scale Operators (Commended by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry)"
2003 to 2016 Front Panel Display exhibition, Tokyo Big Site
2003 to 2004 Image Sensing exhibition, Pacifico Yokohama
2005 Nikkei Nanotect Fair, Tokyo Big Site
2005 to 2008 Shanghai International Electronic Parts Manufacturing Optical Technology Trade Fair, Shanghai
Hannover Messe Germany Industry Trade Fair, Italy
2008 to 2010 CES exhibition, Las Vegas
2010 Clean Energy Expo Asia 2010, Singapore
Pollutec Lyon 2010 , Lyon, France
2013 Electronic ASIA 2013 in Hongkong
2015 Monozukuri Business Meeting, Bangkok
Apirl, 2009 テレビ大阪 Channel 「ニュースビーズ」
October, 2010 NHK WORLD Channel 「NEWSLINE」
February, 2011 テレビ朝日 Channel 「やじうまテレビ」
August, 2011 テレビ東京 Channel 「ワールドビジネスサテライト」
April, 2012 テレビ東京 Channel 「地球VOCE」
December, 2014 朝日放送 Channel 「キャスト」
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