Autonomous Robots for the Real World Robot Challenge

An Autonomous Robot created for the 2008 and 2009 Real World Robot Challenge (Tsukuba Challenge). The control system of the robot is created through cooperation with the students using the LabVIEW.

image:The 2008 Autonomous robots for the Real World Robot Challenge image:The 2009 Autonomous robots for the Real World Robot Challenge
The 2008 The 2009


  • 1. Travels to the destined position by map data.
  • Uses the data from GPS Compasses, Gyrosensor and many other devices to calculate moving distances and angles to the destined position.
  • 2. Avoid Obstacles.
  • Through the 3D scanner and other devices, the robot calculates the optimum direction and distance to avoid the obstacles.
  • 3. Linear Adjustment
  • Feedback data from the gyrosensor is utilized in straight line control.

Cooperation with students, education on systems creation

  • The control system is created in cooperation with students for educational purposes to teach students about LabVIEW.

Comments from the students

This was my first time to be involved in creating a program through LabVIEW. I enjoyed learning to use LabVIEW and learned the many possibilities of the LabVIEW from the Chuo Electric Works staffs. I decided I want to at Chuo ElectricWorks and create many programs using LabVIEW.