3D Imaging Inspection System

3D Measurement Robot Arm Fully Automatic Image Inspection

image:3D Imaging inspection system image:3D Imaging inspection system image:3D Imaging inspection system


  • 1. Image inspection of a 3D structure

  • This system is a 3D image inspection device for 3D structures.The sensors mounted on the robot arm will be used to automatically recognize the object and conduct the inspection on the required places without the need to teach the location.

  • 2. Perfect for products that cannot be photographed in the conventional manner.

  • The system uses a unique photographing method to enable image processing of an object which cannot be photographed easily.For example, using the unique image processing method, the system is able is convert images of objects with shiny or reflective surfaces into a clear image that can be used for further image processing.

  • image:3D Imaging inspection system

  • 3. A completely customizable system

  • We customize our image processing processes and methodologies to be able to detect a variety of products. Each of our customized system is made specifically for our clients, satisfying all their needs.

* The example above is only one of the examples we have. Please feel free to inquire our staffs to get the most suitable solution!