Engine Load Controller

A system that rapidly controls the load and number of rotations of an engine and an eddy current dynamometer based on driving patterns to evaluate transient properties.

image:Engine load controller


  • Enables accurate measurements and control by use of a Real-Time OS.
  • Can switch between automatic and manual operation.
  • Suitable for long period endurance testings resulting from the automatic operation function.
  • Engine torque and output properties can be measured with throttle control and load control of the dynamometer
  • By editing and creating operation patterns it is possible to collect engine properties for a variety of purposes such as assessing steady operation and transient properties.
  • High accuracy automatic operations can be memorized and replicated for further higher accuracy operations.
  • Measurement results/certificates can be output as a file comtapible with Microsoft Excel.

Reason for introducing the system

The development was initiated in purpose of introducing the testing system used in the USA and Europe into Japan.

Development Results

  • Testing can now be done in Japan.
  • High speed control now possible through the use of the FPGA for controlling the servomotor.