LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment used for developing advanced measurement, testing and control systems. The interface is very instinctive; using icons and wires similar to flowcharts. It is capable of integrating several hardware devices and includes an extensive library to view advanced analysis and data enabling the construction of a VI.

Business Outline

  • System design and development for microcomputers.
  • Comprehensive system integration using LabVIEW.
  • Development of measuring/test system using LabVIEW RT and FPGA modules.
  • LabVIEW rescue( (dispatchment of technicians to assist in LabVIEW environments).
  • System integration using the IMAQ Vision.
  • System integration of product testing using TestStand.
  • Customization and creation of hardware for constructing a system.


image:Engine Load Controller

A system that rapidly controls the load and number of rotations of an engine and an eddy current dynamometer based on driving patterns to evaluate transient properties.

image:Chassis Dynamometer System

A system that measures the running data along with other data from a vehicle running on a chassis dynamometer.

image:3D Imaging Inspection System

A robot arm with an automatic teaching function for 3D image inspection.

image:Autonomous Robots for the Real World Robot Challenge

An autonomous robot for outside use.

image:ECU Load Checker

A system that automatically checks the load of an ECU (electronic cotrol unit) for heavy machineries.

image:Measuring Instrument Panel Reader

A system to read the display data of an old measuring instrument without a communication port via camera.


To Automate and stabilize the position and intensity of an emitted beam by a monochromator