title:Auto Dimension Measuring Equipment

image:Auto Dimension Measuring Equipment

A two-dimensional automatic measuring equipment using a CCD camera. Measurement results are output to a file in CSV format for reference in Excel etc.



Japan National Instruments Corporation Alliance Program Member (Japan NI Authorized System Integrator) *11 staff are certified by the LabVIEW Developer Accreditation Exam

title:Touch Panel Electrode Inspection Device

image:Touch Panel Electrode Inspection Device

Optical resolution to 1.8μm, able to do high Speed Inspection of Touch Panel, Circuit surface、and detect small defection.

title:High-Frequency/High-Current Meter

image:High-frequency/High-current meter

Uses a clamp sensor. Measures high-frequency and high-current. There are two sensors, clamp and flexible, enabling measurement of an object of any shape.