Touch Panel Electrode Inspection Device


2D inspection equipment with a high resolution camera and high precision stage.
Detect contamination, defects, and scratches in/on a touch panel and optic film.
By optical resolution to 1.8μm, can support an inspection to very small object.
Able to do inspection on the stamped object.

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  • Inspection data and images are automatically recorded.
  • Uses 90,000,000 Pixels Camera.
  • With a high optical resolution, able to clearly display to the very small object.
  • Able to optimally inspection of discontinuous on electrode of circuit.

写真:微細欠陥検査装置 写真:微細欠陥検査装置 写真:微細欠陥検査装置


To do inspection the defects and contamination on Touch Panel!

  • To inspect defection on touch panel electrode.
  • To inspect scratches and contamination on the surface.
  • To inspect defection on the circuit.


Outer dimensions 1000×1200×1080㎜
Weight 400㎏
Measurement range 600×400㎜
Maximum height of item to be measured 30㎜
Measuring quality 1.8μm
Controlled resolution/th> 1.0μm
Repeated positioning accuracy ±5μm
Optical magnification 2 times
Visual range 6.3㎜×5.0㎜
Monitor TFT23.6 wide model
screen resolution : 1920×1080 pixel
Camera CCD Monochrome 1 inch
Pixel : 90,000,000
Lens Telecentric lens
Depth of field 0.095㎜
Lighting Coaxial epi-illumination
Power AC100V  50/60Hz
Develop Language LabVIEW