img:Auto dimension measuring equipment

A measuring device specialized in two dimensional measuring via CCD Camera. Used in measuring the outer shapes, lines, surface dimensions, of sheets or plates such as polarizing plates for LCDs, light guide plates, reflection and dispersing plates for backlight units and lens sheets. Also used in measuring other flat objects such as printing boards, printing matrices, and many other metal, plastic, rubber, and sponge item (Measurement may be semi-automatic for more precise measurements).

Measurement accuracy will still be maintained despite of changes in magnification, camera attachment angle and optical image distortion.

Measurement results are outputted as CSV format for Excel compatibility.

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Product line up



Easy to use. Plot the measuring points and press the start button for automatic measurement. A suction plate is also available as an optional upgrade. Utilized mainly in factories and in Quality Assurance Department.



Light, compact and easy to operate, without the needs of a specific operator. Automatic measurements can be initiated with a mouse click after the measuring points are taught to the program. Direct measurement within an image is also possible.

*We offer free sample measurements. If you have any objects you have trouble measuring, please feel free to contact us.
(Please understand that we may charge a fee if there are too many samples.)